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History of the Department 
Admitting 35 students for the BA program of Teaching Geography as its first round of students, the department of Geography of RU was established in 1993 to accommodate the needs of Kermanshah province and western regions of Iran for experts in Geography, especially those as school Geography teachers. After two years and with changes in the staff recruitment policies in the Ministry of Education as well as the dire need of Kermanshah province for Land-use Planning along with the existence of environmental threats, this department launched the BSc program in Pure Geography-Geomorphology in 1995 and Climatology (evening courses) subsequently in 1996. The graduate programs of the department began to form by MSc in Geomorphology in 1997, leading up to the establishment of MSc programs in Climatology in the subsequent year. The department, then, began to offer MSc programs in Geography-Rural Planning in 2008. The doctorate's programs of Geomorphology and Climatology were first offered in 2011.

Head of Department: Amanolah Fathnia
Tel: 98+ (83) 34277605 - 6 
Email: a_fathnia [at] 
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Iraj Jabbari Associate Professor Geomorphology
Amjad Maleki Associate Professor Geomorphology
Jafar Masoompour Associate Professor Climatology
Firouz Mojarrad Associate Professor Climatology
Jafar Tavakkoli Associate Professor Rural Planning
Hasan Zolfaghari Associate Professor Climatology
Mohammad Akbarpour Assistant Professor Rural Planning
Aeizh Azmi Assistant Professor Rural Planning
Amanollah Fathnia Assistant Professor Climatology
Omid Ali Moradi Instructor Human Geography
Major B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.






Rural Planning  

Archive of Map, Photos, and Equipment GIS Laboratory
Climatic Hazards and Dust Management 
Map Interpretation and Aerial Photo 
Geomorphology and Rural Planning Soil and Geomorphology Laboratory 

Educational and Research Labs of the Department

GIS Workshop 
This laboratory is used for scientific research and analyses, management of civil services, management of resources and supplies, as well as developmental plannings. The GIS Technology provides information for developing maps by collecting and merging information, visualizing and using geographic analyses.

Climatic Threats and Dust Control 
This laboratory is used for implementing climatic models.

The Geomorphology  Laboratory
The Hydrogeomorphology is designed for measuring the characteristics of the rivers which are not measurable on the ground such as sediments granulometry, morphoscopic characteristics of sediments, the analysis of characteristics of rivers flowing on the ground such as river discharge, river sediment, and forms of river beds erosion.  

Drawing Wrokshop
Workshop Manager: Ali Khazaei
Contact Number:  +98 (83) 34283907
Address:Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: 98+ (83) 34277605 - 6