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The Department of Biology

The Department of Biology was established in February 1973 in the old building of the Faculty of Science by admitting 50 general biology students. The professors and founders of the Department of Biology were: Mr. Amirafshari, Dr. Jalali, the late Dr. Rahi, Mr. Safaei Shirazi, Dr. Mokhtari, Dr. Mostavafi, Dr. Vahdat, and Dr. Vaziri. Thanks to the increase in the number of academic staff members of the department, the number of students admitting to the department as well as the offered degrees increased. Presently, the department offers 3 programs at the B.S. level, 8 programs at the M.S. level and 4 programs at the PhD level. More than 600 students are studying at this department currently.  

Head of Department: Seyed Mohammad Masoumi  
Tel: 98+ (83) 34274573 
Email: mssssoumi [at] 
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Nasrollah Rastegar Pouyani Professor Animal systematics
Vahid Akmali Associate Professor Animal Systematics
Ali Bidmeshkipour Associate Professor Cellular and Molecular Biology
Hossein Falahi Associate Professor Bioinformatics and System Biology, Analysis of Biological and Medical Data
Ahmad Gharzi Associate Professor Animal Developmental Biology
Siroos Ghobadi Associate Professor Biochemistry
Ishagh Karimi Associate Professor Animal Physiology
Sajad Sisakhtnezhad Associate Professor Stem Cells and Cancer
Mojtaba Taran Associate Professor Microbiology
Namdar Yousofvand Associate Professor Animal Physiology
Khosro Chehri Associate Professor Mycology and Microbiology
Somayeh Esmaeili Associate Professor Animal Systematics
Seyed Hamid Mahdiuni Assistant Professor Biochemistry
Seyed Mohammad Masoumi Assistant Professor Plant Systematics, and Palynology
Maryam Mehrabi Assistant Professor Biochemistry
Zahra Souri Assistant Professor Plant Physiology, plant Ecophysiology, and Biotechnology
Major B.Sc. M.Sc.  Ph.D.
Animal Biology 

Animal Biosystematics


Animal Physiology


Cellular & Developmental Animal Biology


Cellular & Molecular Biology  




Plant Biology  

Plant Ecology & Systematics

Plant Physiology 


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Library Equipment  
Animal Biosystematics Laboratory Microscope, Stereomicroscope and Dino camera
Animal Physiology Laboratory Microscope, Kymograph, Spirometer, Electrocardiograph, Minus 20 freezer, Milk Analysis, Wooden and Metal Maze, Pain Stimulation Device, Computer, Centrifuge and Analog Scale
Animal Room Lab Special Cages for Keeping Laboratory Animals (mice, rats and hamsters)
Biochemistry Laboratory Spectrometer, Polarimeter, Flame Photometer, Centrifuge, Bain Marie (Water Bath), Distilled Water, Ice Maker, Stabilizer, Heater Stirrer, Shaker, Fractometer, PH Meter, Digital Scale, Spectrophotometer, Circulator and Power Supply
Bioinformatics Lab Computer 
Ecology Laboratory PCR, Microscope, Minus 20 freezer, Autoclave, Incubator and Hood 
Histology and Embryology Lab Light Microscope, Fluorescence Microscope, Inverted Microscope, Microscope Eqipped with Camera, Nitrogen Tank, Microtome, Oven, Incubator, Minus 70 Freezer Autoclave and Digital Scale
Microbiology Lab Microbial Hood, Distilled Water, Microscope, Incubator, Magnetic Heater, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer and Hot plate
Molecular Cell Biology Lab Vortex, Loupe, Binocular Microscope, PCR, Real Time PCR, Digital Scale, Centrifuge, Culture Incubator, Heater, Gel Doc, Spectrophotometer, shaker, Bain Marie, Sonicator, PH Meter, Eliza Reader, Power Supply, Minus 70 freezer, Hood, Distilled Water, Freeze Dryer, Autoclave and Heater 
Mycology Lab Microbial Hood, Incubator, Light Microscope and Autoclave
Plant Physiology Lab Germinator, Spectrophotometer, Microscope, Scale (balance), PH Meter, Flame Photometer, Oven, Hot Water Bath, Incubator and Homogenizer
Plant Systematic Lab  Microscope and Stereomicroscope 
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Address: Faculty of Science, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: 98+ (83) 34274573