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Department of Computer Engineering
The department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT) of Razi University was established in 1997. Currently, 11 faculty members are working in this department in various fields of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. The offered programs in this department include bachelor's in Computer Engineering, master's in Computer Engineering (Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence), master's in Information Technology Engineering (Management of Information Systems, Multimedia Systems), and PhD in Computer Engineering (Computer Architecture). Some of the capabilities and specifications of the department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology are as follows:
• Experience, skill and reliable knowledge in designing and developing hardware and software systems, providing technical and management solutions in areas such as security, e-government, e-commerce and healthcare.
• The existence of research laboratories with an applied research approach in the fields of software systems, distributed systems, information security, computer architecture, design and test of digital systems, high-performance computing, fault-tolerant systems, computer networks, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data mining, deep learning, signal processing, speech processing, image and video processing, bioinformatics, health-related  and medical data analysis, biometric systems design, human-computer interaction, and affective computing.
Head of Department:  Jahanshah Kabodian
Tel: 98+ (83) 34343193
Email: Kabudian [at] 
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Fardin Abdali Mohammadi Associate Professor Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Healthcare Data Compression, Machine Learning, Signal and Image Processing, Human-Machine Interface, Design of Biometric Systems
Mahmoud Ahmadi Associate Professor Software-Defined Networking, Named Data Networking, Internet of Things, Intrusion Detection Systems, Network Function Virtualization, Probabilistic Data Structures, Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, High-Performance Computing, and Computer Architecture
Abdolhossein Fathi Associate Professor Image and Video Processing, Pattern Recognition, Medical Image Analysis, Data Compression, Noise Removal Algorithms, Design of Biometric Systems, Hardware Description Languages
Abdollah Chalechale Assistant Professor Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems
Mohammad Saeed Jahangiri Assistant Professor Computer Architecture, Formal Verification, Fault-Tolerance and Reliability, Architectures for Deep Learning
Seyed Jahanshah Kabudian Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, Sound/Audio/Music/Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Global Optimization, Metaheuristic Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence, Text/Natural Language Processing, Biometrics, Biomedical Data/Signal Processing, Social Networks
Arezoo Kamran Assistant Professor Digital System Design and Test, Design for Reliability, Approximate Computing, Hardware for AI and Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing
Mohammad Kazemifard Assistant Professor Affective Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Computing
Farhad Mardukhi Assistant Professor Software Engineering
Hamed Monkaresi Assistant Professor Affective Computing, Computer Vision, Information Security
Amir Rajabzadeh Assistant Professor Computer Architecture, Fault-Tolerant Systems, Cloud Computing and IoT, Real-Time Systems, High-Performance Computing
B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.
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Address: Faculty of Engineering, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: +98  (83) 34343193   
Email: eng [at]