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Department of Financial Management
Financial Management, as field, is new in Iran and doesn't go beyond two decades of age. This field was initially considered as branch of Business Management, but gained independence in 2002 for its importance of the cash flow in organizations and management. Having mastered issues related to financial management such as investment, risk management, financial engineering (offering new financial methods) financing, banking, and insurance etc., the graduates of this field could be appointed to related positions such as deputies of finance (in its new concept) and deputies of investment and funding financial credits in banks, and the economic assessment of projects and investment companies and stock exchange, to name a few.
The faculty of Management and Accounting of Javanroud began its activity as one of the faculties of Razi University in 2013 by admitting 45 students for a bachelor program of Financial Management. Since then, over 250 students have been admitted, among whom 150 have been graduated.
Head of Department:
Tel: Tel: 98+ (83) 662232166
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Mohammad Rasoul Almasifard Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Mohsen Yarahmadi Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Major B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D. 
Financial Management  

Address: Javanroud Faculty of Management and Accounting, Javanroud, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: Tel: 98+ (83) 662232166