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Department of Physics was established in 1972 with only one faculty member (Dr. Abdolali Gooya) and collaboration of five faculty members from Tehran University.  The department started its educational activity with admitting 40 students in the first years. However, the number of students increased in the following years when more faculty members joined the department. The physics department started to offer M.S. degree in 1992 and PhD degree in 2002. 
Currently, physics department continues its activity with two research institutes, educational and research laboratories and 22 faculty members in the following sub- disciplines of physics: solid state, theoretical physics, fundamental particles, nuclear, molecular atom, meteorology and geophysics trends. 
Head of Department: Tofigh Osati  
Tel: 98+ (83) 34274573 
Email:  t.osati [at]
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Gholamreza Boroun Professor Fundamental and Nuclear Particles
Rostam Moradian Professor Condensed Matter, Superconductivity, and Nanomagnetism
Nader Daneshfar Associate Professor Nanooptics, Laser and Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, and Plasmonic
Mohsen Dehghani Kazemi Associate Professor Cosmology, and Gravitation
Hamzeh Mousavi Associate Professor Condensed Matter, and Nanophysics
Dariyoush Naderi Associate Professor Interaction of Heavy Ions
Tayebeh Naseri Associate Professor Quantum Optics, and Photonics
Bita Rezaei Associate Professor Nuclear Fusion
Hamed Rezania Professor Quantum Magnetism, and Nanophysics
Karam Bahari Assistant Professor Astrophysics, and Cosmology
Reza Gholipour Assistant Professor Nanostructure, Nanoelectronics, Nanoabsorbent, Metamaterials, and Thin Layer
Kaumars Mansouri Assistant Professor Nonlinear Dynamics, and Solitons
Abolfazl Neyestani Assistant Professor Numerical Weather Prediction, and Data Assimilation
Tofigh Osati Assistant Professor Phenomenology of Hadrons Production
Mohsen Oveisimoakher Assistant Professor Geophysics
Ardeshir Rabeie Assistant Professor Coherent States, and Wave of Group Theory
Mohammad Rastiveis Assistant Professor Particle Physics
Major  B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.
Condensed Matter


Cosmology and Gravitation 


Fundamental Particles and Field Theory





Nuclear Physics


Optics and Lasers



Pure Physics  

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Laboratory  Equipment 
Advanced Nanocomputing lab Computer Case, Monitor and UPS Device
Basic Physics Lab 1 CASSY Lab, Amperemeter, Pressure Gauge Difference,
Speaker, Sound System Band, Laser Printer, Air Pump, 
Timer, Laboratory Scale, Gravitational Torsion Balance,
Thermometer, Laser Device, Telemeter (range finder), Rail
Gyroscope, Ramp, Smart Sensor, Multipurpose Counter
Metal Plate, Chronometer, Computer Case, Monitor, Autod Car, Power Supply, Microscope, Wagon, Voltmeter
Basic Physics Lab 2 and 3 Oscillator, Oscilloscope Device, Winding Machine, Reosta, Computer Case, Monitor, Galvanometer, Power Supply
Multimeter, Dial milliampmeter and Voltmeter
Basic Physics Lab 4 Hall Effect, Types of Thermoelectric-Thermocouple Set, Ferromagnetism Set in Magnet Model, Set of Photoconductivity Effect, Set of Magnetic Properties of Materials, Educational Set, Laboratory Table
Geophysics Lab Detection Device, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Geoelectric Device, Seismic Device, Mixing Machine (transmitter), Mixing Machine (receiver), Mapping Camera, Mapping Tripod, Battery Charger, Magnetometer Counter, Gravity Meter (gravimeter), Proton Magnetometer, Proton Magnetometer 820, Magnetometer (theodolite), Magnetotelluric, Power Supply and Mir
Laser Lab Kerr Effect Set, Complete Set of Interferometry Test, Polaritech, Speaker, Beam Expander, Power, Large V-Shaped Base, Wooden Stand for Interferometer, Laser Printer, Laboratory Pump, Interferometer, Teslameter, Amplifier
Power Meter, Wooden Optical Instrument Box, Oscilloscope Device, Photo Detector Device, Laser Device, Fresnel Biprism, Linear CCD Camera, Young's Double Slit, Optical Rail, Generator, Educational Set, Bar Set, Holographic Set
Sodium Lamp Base, Variable Gap, Sensor Kit, Sodium Lamp, Light Transmitter 60 MHz, Laptop, Radiation Avoid Laser, Holographic Laser Device, Helium Neon Laser, Diode Laser Module, Power Supply, Multimeter, Sodium and Mercury Lamp Power Supply, Laboratory Table, Optical Laboratory Table, Special Table for Diffraction Set, Holographic Magnetic Table, Special Optical Table for Interferometer,
Special Optical Table for Determining the Refractive Index and Measuring Microscope
Meteorology Lab Computer Case, Monitor, Access Point, Counter Particle, Barometer Set, Television, Projector, Air Particle Counting Device Based on Particle Size, Gas Pollutant Measuring Device, SMPS, Eight-Stage Cascade Impactor, Laptop and Digital Scale
Nanoelectronic Lab Impedance Testing Devices, Hot Plate, Centrifuge and Ultrasound Bath
Nuclear Physics Lab Power Supply, Lator Leak Device, Counter Device, Combined Device, Air Discharge Pump, Geiger-Mueller Counter, Geiger-Mueller Module, Nuclear Radiation Detector, Lamp and Base, Cloud Chamber, Teslameter, Counter, High Voltage Device, Scintillator, Analyzer Device, Nuclear Kit, Monitor and Computer Case 
Optics Lab Michelson Interferometer, Fabry- Perot Interferometer, Measuring the Refractive Index of Liquids and Solids, Polarimeter, Faraday Effect, Investigation of Light Polarization, Newton's Rings, Prism Spectrometer, Multimeter, Investigation of Light Diffraction, Helium-Neon Laser, Oscilloscope, Detector and Laser Interferometer
Address:  Faculty of Science, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: +98 (83) 34274573
Email: info[at]