Health centers

Medical Center:
This center is located within the central campus across from Kowsar Complex. It consists of the following unit:
1.    Medical Unit: This unit is responsible for the check-up and treatment of Razi University employees and students in accordance with the schedule announced at the beginning of the new educational year.
2.    Nursing Unit: This unit is responsible for all vaccinations recommended by the provincial health center. In addition, injections and wound dressing are conducted.
3.    Trusted Doctor: This unit is responsible for the examination and approval of medical certificates, medical exemptions, and the well-being of sports teams.
4.    Environmental Health Unit: This section is responsible for ensuring that food and water are healthy and that cafeterias, dormitories, swimming pools, etc. observe sanitary principles.
5.    Health Protection Plan: All the students receive medical check-up upon entering the university. They will be informed of their results via the student portal.
6.    Ambulance Unit: An ambulance is always available in this unit offering twenty-four hour services to the patients and is ready to take them to medical centers across the city in case of emergencies.
Phone number: +98-83-34274611

Counseling Center:
This section, with the cooperation of all its members in the university Counseling Center and its branches at campuses, faculties, as well as dormitories, provides face-to-face, telephone, electronic, and online counseling services. It should be noted that all these services are free for university members and students.
Saturday to Wednesday: From 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Phone number: +98-83-34277880