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Mohammad Akbarpour

Mohammad Akbarpour

Assistant Professor / گروه جغرافيا


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه تهران, جغرافيا وبرنامه ريزي روستايي


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Mohammad Akbarpour holds a Bachelor degree in Geography and Urban Planning from Shahid Beheshti University and a Master's degree in Geography and Urban Planning from Tehran University. He received his PhD in Geography and Rural Planning from Tehran University in 2014. He began his official collaboration with Razi University in 2015. He is now an Assistant Professor in the department of Geography at the faculty of Humanities.
Dr Akbarpour has been teaching several courses to undergraduate students such as Economic Geography of Iran, Principles and Methods of Planning, Rural Geography of Iran, Basics of Tourism, Basics of Entrepreneurship, Geography of Iran's Population, and Cultural Geography

Also, the courses he usually teaches to graduate students include Perspectives and Theories of Rural Development, Research Method in Rural Planning, Management of Sustainable Rural Economic and Social Development, Environmental Schools in Rural Planning, Models and Techniques in Rural Planning.
His research interests are Drought, Resilience to Environmental Hazards, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Ecotourism, Urban Decay, Staying of Rural Population in Rural Areas.
His single-authored and joint papers have been published in prestigious national and international scientific journals.