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Jafar MasoomPour Samakosh

Jafar MasoomPour Samakosh

Associate Professor / گروه جغرافيا


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه تهران, جغرافياي طبيعي-اقليم شناسي

Research Interest

مدلهای اقلیمی، وقایع حدی اقلیمی، اقلیم شناسی سینوپتیک و دینامیک


email: j.masoompour [at]
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My name is Jafar Masoompour Samakosh. In February 2011, I graduated from Tehran University in the field of climatology and at the same time became a member of the scientific faculty of Razi University. My field of study is synoptic climatology, dynamic climatology, climate models, and extreme climate events, and I have published several articles in Persian and English in these fields.

I have two sons named Ali and Parsa. My favorite sports are swimming, climbing, cycling, fitness, and wrestling. I spend the whole day studying, researching, and exercising with my family.