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Department of Business Management
Business Management is an academic field which aims to prepare students with the knowledge and skill of management of organizations. Elevating the accurate awareness of basic responsibilities of business organizations and increasing the students' abilities to identify management issues are of the main missions of this field, which is considered as one of the oldest branches of management. Aiming to train managers for governmental and private organizations, the field of Business Management was first introduced to the national academia in 1954 with a Memorandum of Understanding between University of Tehran and University of South Carolina before it found its way to other national universities.
The faculty of Management and Accounting of Javanroud began its activity as one of the faculties of Razi University in 2013 by admitting 45 students for a bachelor program of Business Management. Since then, over 230 students have been admitted, among whom 140 have been graduated. The department of Business Management has two faculty members: Dr Mohsen Yar-Ahmadi and Dr Mohammad Rasoul Almasi-fard.
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Tel: Tel: 98+ (83) 662232166
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Mohammad Rasoul Almasifard Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Mohsen Yarahmadi Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Major B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D. 
Business Management  

Address: Javanroud Faculty of Management and Accounting, Javanroud, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: Tel: 98+ (83) 346232166