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Razi University

Razi University was founded under the name of 'The Faculty of Science' by Dr Abdul-Ali Guya in January 1973 in Kermanshah . 
Razi University was developed further afterwards to include Kermanshah Faculty of Medicine, Sanandaj Teacher Training Faculty, and Ilam Faculty of Animal Husbandry, which were all then separated from Razi University after revolution and became independent by the titles of 'Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences', 'University of Kurdistan', and 'Ilam University' respectively.
Razi University is currently composed of 17 faculties and enjoys the knowledge and expertise of 31 Full Professors, 122 Associate Professors, 277 Assistant Professors, and 13 Lecturers - making up a staff of 443 faculty members in 57 departments with approximately 12 thousand undergraduate and graduate students.  



General Ph.D 





Faculty of Agriculture
Year 1983
Faculty of Social Sciences
Year 2007
Faculty of Veterinary
Year 2007
Faculty of Electrical and Computer
Year 2018
Faculty of Literature
Year 1988
Faculty of Engineering
Year 1992
Faculty of  Sciences
Year 1972
Faculty of Physical Education
Year 1996
Razi University
 Year 1972
Faculty of Economics and Accounting
Year 2010 
Faculty of Chemistry
Year 2008
Faculty of Petroleum and Petrochemistry
Year 2016
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering
Year 2018
Faculty of Architecture
Year 2016





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