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Department of Economic Sciences 
Nowadays, the economic growth of advanced countries is based on new technologies such as information technology. Today's need of the country, based on the resistance economy, is going beyond oil-based economy and moving towards the growth and development of human resources as well as relying on knowledge-based economy. According to the statistics published by Forbes, the five brands of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are valued at 684 billion dollars as the most valuable brands in the world. This number is ten times more than the annual oil revenue of Iran, which shows the high importance of e-commerce as a competitive advantage. The transition to an economy based on information technology is a subject agreed upon by all development thinkers. 
In order to move in the direction of an economy based on information technology, it is necessary to move towards training professionals. This issue is one of the most important requirements, and a large part of this serious task rests on the shoulders of the universities of the countries. In today's era, we see that traditional jobs have been replaced by e-commerce jobs. This transition requires revising the higher education system based on new market requirements. Considering that there are many job opportunities in the field of e-commerce, graduates of this field can take advantage of these emerging opportunities. Taking advantage of these opportunities can reduce the unemployment rent as one of the most important socio-economic challenges. The sciences related to e-commerce are among the newest scientific fields which have found their places among academic disciplines in less than two decades, along with the growth of the internet.
 Organizational and extra-organizational applications of e-commerce have caused the field of "Economic Sciences (E-commerce) " to emerge in public and private sector organizations. Having graduates in this field will provide at least part of the professionals needed by the country.
Degrees and Programs offered:
Master's degree: Economics (E-commerce)
Head of Department:  Amir Rajabzadeh
Tel: 98+ (83) 34343406
Email: rajabzadeh [AT]
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Somayeh Azami Associate Professor Energy Economics, and Industrial Economics
Sohrab Delangizan Associate Professor Urban and Regional Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Economics, Economic Growth and Macroeconomics, Technology Transfer, and Behavioral Economics
Mohammad Javad Jamshidi Assistant Professor E-commerce, E-business, Mobile Commerce, Information Systems, and Customer Relationship Management
Farhad Mardoukhi Assistant Professor Enterprise Architecture, and Software Engineering
Yousef Mohamadifar Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship, and E-commerce Management
Hamed Monkaresi Assistant Professor E-commerce, and Computer Systems Security
Major B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.
E-Commerce Economics 
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Address: Faculty of Innovative Sciences and Technologies , Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran 
Tel: 98+ (83) 34343406