• 1.    What is the average capacity of each class?

    It is different depending on the faculty, course, and field of study. Classes held for bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. students commonly accommodate 25-40, 7-15, and 3-6 individuals respectively. 
  • 2.    Can I study part-time at Razi University?

    No, there are no part-courses at Razi University.
  • 3.    Does Razi University have distance learning classes?

    No, all classes are held in-person.
  • 4.    Does Razi University provide summer semester classes for international students?

    No, it does not.
  • 5.    When is the last time to send applications?

    You should regularly check it here  to find out the due time for sending your application. 
  • 6.    If I do not have my latest academic degree yet (I am studying), can I submit my application?

    Yes, you can apply as long as you submit an official letter issued by your current university certifying that you are going to graduate before the start of the new academic semester at Razi University.
  • 7.    Is it possible to transfer from other universities to Razi University?

    No, this is not an option for international students.
  • 8.    Can I be exempt from paying tuition?

    Only international students who are granted Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology scholarship are exempt from tuition fees.
  • 9.    Does your university offer scholarships or financial aid?

    No, only Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology offers scholarships.
  • 10.    When will I be informed about the outcome of my application?

    You will typically know the outcome within a month after the application deadline.
  • 11.    If my application is accepted, can I defer my studies?

    Requests for defer are examined on a case-by-case basis. It is usually the department which will make the final decision in this regard.
  • 12.    Do I have to translate my official documents (academic degrees, transcripts, etc.) into English?

    Documents are accepted if they are in Persian, English, or Arabic.
  • 13.    Can I skip the Persian language course?

    No, all applicants with an initial acceptance letter from Razi University are supposed to successfully pass the elementary Persian language course prior to starting their studies. The course is held at the TPSOL Center  of the university. 
  • 14.    Is there an age limit for admission at your university?

    No, you can apply irrespective of how old you are. Your academic background is the main factor determining whether you are admitted.
  • 15.    How much is the cost of studying at Razi University?

    You can check here  
  • 16.    When should tuition be paid?

    The tuition fee is not demanded all at once. At the beginning of each semester, you are supposed to pay a portion of your total tuition.
  • 17.    How long is the duration of studying in various courses?

    Normally, the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees respectively take 8, 4, and 6 semesters to be completed.
  • 18.    Do I need a supervisor before applying for an MA or a Ph.D. program?

    The department will make the final decisions about your supervisor according to your research interests and academic background. However, prior to applying for the program, you may contact the faculty member under whom you are willing to do your thesis. If there is somebody to vouch for you in the department, the whole application process will be facilitated.
  • 19.    I am currently a student at Razi University. Is it necessary to reapply to continue studying at a higher level?

    Yes, every time you are going to start a new program, you need to apply for it.
  • 20.    Is it possible to study at Razi University for someone who has a full-time occupation?

    The classes are held onsite. So you should be physically present for your classes, meaning that you need to take a break from your work at your home country before starting your academic studies.
  • 21.    Is there admission for the spring semester (the second semester)?

    We typically accept application forms twice a year for the fall and spring semesters.
  • 22.    Is there going to be an interview when I apply for a program at Razi University?

    It depends on the department to which you apply. If the faculty members urge that you must attend an interview before the final decision about your admission is made, then you should seat for one. Note that the interviews are commonly conducted online. 
  • 23.    Is it possible to change majors while studying?

    You should complete the whole application process again. There is not guarantee that your application for a new major will be accepted.
  • 24.    How can I receive my academic degree?

    After receiving the definitive exit permit, a letter will be issued to enable you to receive your academic degree from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • 25.    Will international students have a student dormitory?

    Yes, they can use the accommodations offered by the university if they like.
  • 26.    How long can international students stay in Iran after receiving the final exit permit?

    When the final exit permit is issued, you will have a maximum duration 14 days to leave the country.