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The Faculty of Agriculture is among the oldest parts of Razi University, which started its activities as an agricultural school in 1981. Following the expansion of departments and majors, it promoted to a faculty and in 2011 it became an agricultural and natural resource campus with 3 faculties (Faculty of Agricultural Science and Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture).The Faculty of agricultural and natural resources has 320 hectares of land which is active in educational, research and production fields. The campus’ agricultural and natural resources departments receives undergraduate, and postgraduate students in different majors of, both at national and international level 

Dean of Faculty: Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Nooriyan Soroor 
Assistant  Professor
Tel: 98+ (83) 38334820
Email: enooriyan[at]
Dr. Fardin Hozhabri
Department of Animal Sciences 
Department of Plant Genetics and Production 
Department of Plant Protection 
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Address: Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, Imam Highway, Kermanshah, Iran 
Tel: +98(83) 34324820
Email: info[at]