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Department of Animal Science
Department of Animal Science was established in 1991 in the Faculty of Agriculture and admitted only undergraduate students. In 1998, and 2006, respectively, the department started to admit graduate students and PhD students. The main goal of the Department of Animal Science is to train professionals who are proficient in the practical tasks required by industrial and small farms. In order to achieve this goal, the Department of Animal Science has had extensive cooperation with the Jihad Agricultural Organization. On the other hand, the goal of the department in post-graduate programs has been to solve the problems facing the livestock and poultry industry by implementing practical theses. The Department of Animal Sciences admits students in three levels of Bachelor, Master's and PhD.
Head of Department:   Hadi Hajarian
Tel: 98+ (83) 38330909
Email:   h.hajarian [at]
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Farokh Kafilzadeh Professor Ruminant Nutrition
Hamed Karami Shabankareh Professor Obstetrics and Livestock Reproductive Diseases
Alireza Abdolmohammadi Associate Professor Animal Breeding and Genetics
Shahab Ghazi Associate Professor Poultry Nutrition
Fardin Hozhabri Associate Professor Ruminant Nutrition
Mohammad Mahdi Moeini Associate Professor Ruminant Nutrition
Manouchehr Souri Associate Professor Ruminant Nutrition
Mehran Torki Associate Professor Poultry Nutrition
Saheb Foroutanifar Assistant Professor Animal Breeding and Genetics
Hadi Hajarian Assistant Professor Reproductive Physiology
Alireza Karampour Assistant Professor Ruminant Nutrition
Sodabeh Moradi Assistant Professor Poultry Nutrition
Mohammad Ebrahim Nooriyan Soror Assistant Professor Ruminant Nutrition
Sheida Varkoohi Assistant Professor Animal Breeding and Genetics
B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.
Animal Breeding and Genetics   

Animal Science      

Livestock and Poultry Physiology   

Poultry Nutrition   


Ruminant Nutrition   


Genetics and Zoology Laboratory
Embryo transfer and In vitro Fertilization (IVF) Laboratory
Wool and skin technology laboratory
Laboratory of Conversion and processing of livestock and poultry products
Animal nutrition Laboratory I
Animal nutrition Laboratory II
Egg Incubation Laboratory
Carcass Analysis laboratory
In Vitro Animal nutrition laboratory
Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Dairy Cattle Breeding Research Farm
Sheep breeding research farm
Laying hens research farm
Broilers research farm 

Device Name  Experiments 
Device Name  Separating Different Parts of Blood and Rumen Fluid
Centrifuge Titration
Digital Burette Weighing Laboratory Samples
Digital Scale with an Accuracy of 0.0001 grams Burning the Sample and Measuring the Ash
Electric Furnaces Measuring the Fiber of Laboratory Samples 
Fiber Tech Device Heating Chemical Solutions
Measuring the Crude Protein of Laboratory Samples 
Crushing (chopping) Feed Samples
Hot Plate Heating Chemical Solutions
Kjeldahl Digestion and Distillation Apparatus Measuring the Crude Protein of Laboratory Samples 
Mill Crushing (chopping) Feed Samples
Soxhlet Extractor Measuring the Crude Fat of Laboratory Samples
Thermal Oven Devices Drying Laboratory Samples and Containers
Water Bath (Bain Marie)  Indirect Heating of Solutions and Samples
Address: Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Imam highway, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: 98+ (83) 38330909