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Mechanical Engineering of Biosystem 
The bachelor's program of Mechanical Engineering of Biosystem is all about modern science and technology applied to the design and adjustment of agricultural machinery, the incorporation of renewable energies in the industry of agriculture, and the post-harvest technology. This program aims to train experts who are skilled and knowledgeable enough to be active in areas like tractor manufacturing factories, networks of licensed agricultural machinery repair shops, conducting research for the Ministry of Agriculture, teaching agricultural machinery courses to students at associate and assistant levels, giving services to governmental and private technical institutes and corporations, research and development in food industry machinery, and the application of renewable energy sources in agriculture, farming, and factories of food industry. The graduates of this field are expected to be able to design and manufacture new required machinery, enhance the performance and security, adjust and tune the current machines, conduct practical research in agricultural machinery design, post-harvest technology, renewable energy sources equipment, and converting industries.  
Head of Department:
Tel: 98+ (83) 348451398  
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Nahid Aghili Assistant Professor Biosystem
Rashid Gholami Assistant Professor Biosystem
Major  B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.
Postharvest Technology     

Address: Sonqor Faculty of Agriculture, Shahrak-e Vali Asr, Sonqor, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: 98+ (83) 348451398