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Department of Accounting 
Accounting is an organized and systematic process for collecting, classifying, recording, and summarizing information as well as producing financial reports and statements. In other words, accounting is a service activity which aims to prepare information on an economic unit, and is financial in nature. The information prepared by the accountant must be valuable in economic decision-making processes.
Accountants prepare and provide financial reports for economic units such as managers, capital owners, creditors, governmental financial and economic organizations, etc. To put it differently, accounting could be considered as a way to control the financial health and to analyze financial assets, debts, and cash flow in businesses. Accounting is one of the fields in Higher Education which could be chosen by every student studying Mathematics, Science, and Human Sciences at high school. 
The faculty of Management and Accounting of Javanroud began its activity as one of the faculties of Razi University in 2012 by admitting 40 students for a bachelor program of Accounting. Since then, over 240 students have been admitted, among whom 120 have been graduated. The department of Accounting has two faculty members: Houman Khosravi and Ehsan Raygan.
Head of Department:
Tel: Tel: 98+ (83) 662232166
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Hooman Khosravi Instructor (Lecturer) Accounting
Ehsan Rayegan Instructor (Lecturer) Accounting
Major B.Sc. M.Sc.   Ph.D.

Address: Javanroud Faculty of Management and Accounting, Javanroud, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: Tel: 98+ (83) 346232166