Tuition Fees   

Tuition Fees at Razi University Based on Faculties and Degrees

Field of Study Tuition Fees
Bachelor's Master's Ph.D.
Humanities 207,200,000 IRR 354,200,000 IRR 770,000,000 IRR
Other groups 252,000,000 IRR 531,300,000 IRR 924,000,000 IRR
Note: It is worth mentioning that these fees are only provided as an estimation, and the university reserves the right to make changes without notice in the published scale of fees.

Persian Language Course Tuition Fee

Elementary Level Tuition
250 hours 50,000,000 IRR
Note: The tuition fee is not inclusive of the amount that must be paid for the coursebooks.

Welfare Costs

Accommodation (per semester) 7,000,000 IRR
Food (per semester) 12,000,000 IRR

Payment Method

Applicants must proceed to Tejarat bank located inside the main campus, and deposit the tuition fee to the following account. Then, submit the receipt to the office for international students.

Bank Account Information:
Title of the account owner: Razi University Special Incomes
Source account number: 1812055514
Destination Shaba ID (international bank account number): IR820100004001073303020547
Payment Code (for academic studies): 302073356118000000000000000004
Payment Code (for the Persian language course): 397073356118000000000000000002