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The Mechanical Engineering Department of Razi University was established in 1992 and the first students were admitted to the field of solid mechanics. Since then this department has trained approximately 2500 students in different fields and degrees. In the previous year (2022), 270 undergraduate students of mechanical engineering and 120 graduate students with master's and doctorate degrees are enrolled in the two fields of applied mechanics and energy conversion. 

Currently, this group benefits from the experience and knowledge of 11 full-time faculty members (two professors, four associate professors, and five assistant professors). In addition to the educational laboratories and workshops such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, dynamics and vibrations, hydraulics and pneumatics, machine tools, auto-mechanics, welding, and sheet metal working there are several research labs including simulation and modeling, energy, impact and composites, metal forming, thermo-physical properties of solids, and applied heat transfer and thermodynamics that exist to prepare suitable atmosphere for students in education and acquiring engineering skills. 

Head of Department:  Meysam Saidi
Tel: 98+ (83) 34343193
Email: msaidi [at] 
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Saeid Feli Professor Analysis, Design and Construction of Electromechanical Mechanisms, Analysis and Design of Composites and Nanocomposites, Simulation and Stress Analysis in Structures
Mohammad Hossein Yas Professor Stress Analysis and Vibrations in Smart and Composite Materials, Thermoelasticity
Masoud Aghakhani Associate Professor Modeling and Optimization in Machining and Welding, Application of Nanomaterials in Welding
Mohammad Ebrahim Alami Alagha Associate Professor Stress Analysis in Structures and Residual Stress Analysis in Welding
Heshmatollah Haghighat Associate Professor Analysis of Metal Forming Processes and
Saber Mohammadi Associate Professor Stress Analysis in Structures
Habibollah Safarzadeh Associate Professor Design of Mechatronic Systems, Control and Dynamic Systems of Sensors and Actuators
Farzad Veysi Associate Professor Energy Consumption Optimization, Solar Energy Applications, Internal Combustion Engines, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Ali Amiri Assistant Professor Energy Consumption Optimization, Solar Energy, Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
Jafar Jamaati Assistant Professor Energy Consumption Optimization, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Micro/Nano Scale, Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method (DSMC)
Mehrad Paknezhad Assistant Professor Heat Transfer and Flow in Microchannels, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Mixing in Microchannels
Javad Rostami Assistant Professor Analysis and Design of Air Conditioning Systems, Exergy Analysis of Thermal Systems, Combustion, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Meysam Saidi Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbo-Machinery, Energy and Exergy Analysis, Central Heating and Air Conditioning
Major B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.
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Mechanical Engineering  

Applied Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics Laboratory
Auto-mechanics Workshop
Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory
Energy Research Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Hydraulics and Pneumatics Laboratory
Impact Mechanics Research Laboratory
Machine Tool Workshop
Metal Forming Research Laboratory
Simulation and Modeling Laboratory
Thermodynamics Laboratory
Thermo-Physical Properties of Solids Laboratory
Welding and Sheet Metal Working Workshop 
Address: Faculty of Engineering, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: +98  (83) 34343193   
Email: eng [at]