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Amanollah Fath Nia

Amanollah Fath Nia

Associate Professor / گروه جغرافيا


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه تربيت مدرس, جغرافياي طبيعي-اقليم شناسي


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Amanollah Fathnia holds a Bachelor degree in Physical Geography from Razi University. He received both his Master's and PhD degree in Physical Geography-Climatology from Tarbiat Modares University, with the latter being in 2010. He began his official collaboration with Razi University in 2012. He is now an Assistant Professor in the department of Geography at the faculty of Humanities.
Dr Fathnia has been teaching several courses to undergraduate students such as Climate of Iran, Spatial Analysis of Climatology Processes, Principles of Environment, Satellite Climatology, Biogeography, and Physical Climatology.
 Also, the courses he usually teaches to graduate students include Advance Satellite climatology, Urban Climatology and Transportation, Hydroclimatlogy, Quantitative Methods in Climatology
His research interests are the application of remote sensing and GIS in climatology, climate change and climatic fluctuations, and the application of climatology in identifying climatic hazards.
His single-authored and joint papers have been published in prestigious national and international scientific journals.
Dr Fathnia has has been the Head of the department of Geography since 2019.