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Department of Electrical Engineering
The department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1992, admitting students for bachelor's programs in Electronic Engineering. This department has been offering bachelor's programs in Power Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering (since 2009 and 2011, respectively), master's and PhD programs in Electronic Engineering (since 2000 and 2009, respectively), master's and PhD programs in Power Engineering (since 2011 and 2013, respectively), and master's programs in Telecommunications Engineering (since 2011). This department is equipped with the Circuits and Electrical Measurement Lab, Electronics Lab, Telecommunication Circuits Lab, Pulse Technique Lab, Microprocessors Lab, and Electric Machines Lab. Relying on the expertise and experience of its faculty members (in Electronics, Power, Telecommunications, Control, and Medical Engineering) and in line with the national scientific, research and educational goals, this department is engaged in training professional and efficient workforce for the country as well as conducting world-class solid research. 
Electrical Engineering, as an academic field, could be classified into four areas of Power, Electronics, Telecommunications, and Medical Engineering at the graduate level. With the increasing development of knowledge and the need for more specializations, the aforementioned fields have all developed their own branches with their unique research and industrial autonomy. One can mention, in this regard, the fields of designing electrical machines, Industrial Electronic Transmission Systems in RF in Power engineering, Electronics Semiconductor Devices, designing analogue and digital circuits, Computer Architecture, Micro-electromechanical System (MEMS), designing networks and telecommunication systems, Signal Processing, microwave tools, designing antenna in Telecommunications Engineering, Digital Control, Artificial Intelligence, and neurological networks in Control and Medical Engineering.With the increasing development of technology in this area, Electrical Engineering is one of the most influential and sought-after fields in today's industries and societies. 

Head of Department:  Gholamreza Karimi
Tel: 98+ (83) 34343193
Email: ghkarimi [at] 
Full Name Degree Email
Hamdi Abdi Professor
Mohsen Hayati Professor
Gholamreza Karimi Professor
Abolfazl Firoozeh Instructor
Hasan Moradi Associate Professor
Somayeh Bahrami Assistant Professor
Mohammad Sajad Bayati Assistant Professor
Seyed Vahab AL-Din Makki Assistant Professor
Shahram Karimi Associate Professor
Saba Khosravi Assistant Professor
Mohammad Moradi Assistant Professor
Mazdak Rad Malekshahi Assistant Professor
Samin Ravanshadi Assistant Professor
Mokhtar Yaghoubi Assistant Professor
Major B.Sc.
Biomedical Engineering
Power Systems    
Telecommunications - Field  

Telecommunications - Systems 

Electronics - Integrated Circuits
Electronics - Micro/and Nano Electronics Devices
Electrical Engineering 
Power Electronics
Electrical Circuits and Measurement Lab
Electrical Machines Lab
Power Systems Lab
Digital Signal Processing Lab
Digital Signal Processing Lab
Electronics Labs.
Communication Circuits Lab.
Digital/ Pulse Circuits Lab.
Microwave / Antenna Lab.
Digital Systems I&II Labs.
Robotics Workshop
Electrical Workshop 
Address: Faculty of Engineering, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: +98  (83) 34343193  
Email: eng [at]