TPSOL Center

Attending Persian classes in the Teaching Persian to Speakers of Other Languages (TPSOL) center at Razi University is more than just a language course; it is also an opportunity for you to discover different aspects of Iran’s culture including everyday lives, idioms, dishes, etc. Our dedicated teachers at the TPSOL center will help you not only develop your proficiency in the four language skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing), but also improve your intercultural competence. Upon successful completion of the elementary level course, you will be able to independently communicate with Iranian citizens and meet your everyday needs.
Schedule & Scoring:
Prior to beginning your academic studies at Razi University, you should successfully complete the elementary level Persian language course at the TPSOL center. This course entails 250 hours of instruction, framed within an intensive schedule (around 30 hours of instruction each week). The entire course lasts about three months. The schedule is subject to slight modifications depending on the exigencies.

Your performance in the elementary Persian language course will be evaluated based on a 100-point marking scale. To successfully complete the course, you need to gain an overall score of 70 as the minimum requirement. The following criteria are used for assessing your performance:
Class dynamism         20 points
Assignments               10 points
Midterm exam             20 points
Final exam                   30 points
Oral interview              20 points

Total                            100 points

Contact Us:  
Address: TPSOL Center, the first floor of the Faculty of Art and Architecture (Building No. 2), Razi University, University St., Taq-e Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran.
Tel: +98 83 34274864