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Aeizh Azmi

Aeizh Azmi

Associate Professor / گروه جغرافيا


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه تهران, جغرافيا وبرنامه ريزي روستايي


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Aeizh Azmi is B.S. graduate of Agronomy and plant breeding from Lorestan University and an M.S. graduate of Rural development from Tehran University. He has also received his PhD degree in Geography and rural planning from Tehran University in Winter 2012. He has started his collaboration with Razi University since May 2012 and he is now an assistant professor in Geography department at Literature and Humanities Faculty.  
During this period, he has taught different courses such as Cultural Geography, Research Method, Rural geography and Information technology at the Bachelor level. He also teaches courses such as Statistics and SPSS software, GIS in Rural studies, Sustainable Development, Tourism Theory, Service supply chain in tourism, Rural Management to graduate students. His research interests include Tourism, Sustainable development in rural settlements and Agricultural development. His independent and joint articles with graduate students under her supervision in these fields have been published in prestigious national and international journals