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Department of Mechanical Engineering of Biosystem  
The Bio-systems Engineering Department (Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery the previous name of the department) was founded in 2005 at the campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
This department began to admit students for Master's programs in the same field in 2010, and is now admitting students for bachelor's and Master's programs.
Following the changes made by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology on this field in 2013, it was decided that Mechanical Engineering of Bio-systems should be divided into three branches as Design of Agricultural Machinery, Post-Harvest Technology and Renewable Energies.
The students of the aforementioned fields are expected to obtain the following positions:

Design of Agricultural Machinery
1-    Expert in the design of agricultural machinery in factories and workshops involved in the designing and producing of tractors, and agricultural tools and machinery.
2-    Expert in agricultural machinery for managing, repairing, and maintaining the current equipment of the agriculture, industries, and related agricultural centers.
3-    Teacher at high schools of agriculture, contributing to agricultural research and engineering at research centers.

Post-Harvest Technology
1-    Expert in the design of equipment and machinery involved in food industry and processing agricultural products.
2-    Technical assistant of production lines in factories of food industry and processing agricultural products.
3-    Expert in planning, machine design, production lines, systems of the development of food industry and processing agricultural products. 

Renewable Energies
1-    Expert in the design and development of renewable energies systems.
2-    Expert in teaching and research in the field of renewable energies.
3-    Expert in the design of systems for exploiting renewable energies.

Degrees offered: Bachelor's and Master's

Bachelor's program: 
- Design of Agricultural Machinery (since 2005)

Master's programs:
- Design of Agricultural Machinery (since 2013)
- Post-Harvest Technology (since 2015)
- Renewable Energies (since 2015)

Head of Department: Hekmat Rabbani 
Tel: 98+ (83) 38331662
Email: hrabbani47[at] & hrabbani2010[at] 
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Hossein Javadikia Associate Professor Agricultural Machinery
Ali Nejat Lorestani Associate Professor Agricultural Machinery
Mostafa Mostafaei Associate Professor Agricultural Machinery
Leila Naderloo Associate Professor Agricultural Machinery
Hekmat Rabbani Associate Professor Agricultural Machinery
Esmaeil Mirzaie Ghale Associate Professor Agricultural Machinery
Major B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.
Design and Construction 

Postharvest Technology 

Renewable Energy       

Mechanical Engineering of Biosystem  

Laboratory / Workshop Name  Device Name 
Combustion Engines Workshop  Automatic Gearbox
Differential Model 
Farm Tractor Model
Gasoline Engine Model
Peykan Engine
Pride Engine
Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Model
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals  Oscilloscope
Measuring Instruments and Control Systems  Anemometer - Transmitter with Vane Probe 
CO2 Analysis
Digital Photo Tachometer RM 1501 
Gas Test Analysis (5)
Humidity- Temperature Meter - TES 1365
Loud Cell and Data Logger
Noise Dosimeter
TES 1354 Sound Meter
TES-1356 Sound Calibrator
Torque Meter 15Kg - CM TQ-8800
UV Light Meter
Physical Properties  Clamp on Hi Tester
GF-3000 Digital Scale
Plasma Device
ZWICK/ROELL Tensile and Compressive Testing Machine 
Welding and Sheet Metal Workshop  Air Gas Capsule and Welding Collection
Bending Machine
Spot Welding Machine 
Welding dynamo
Welding Transformer 
Profile Chainsaw
Address: Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Imam Highway, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: 98+ (83) 38330909