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Having gained permission from the Ministry of Science and having been provided with the required building and space, Javanroud Faculty of Management and Accounting was founded in 2011 by Dr Noureddin Yousofi, and officially began its activity in 2012 by admitting students for a bachelor's program of Accounting. In the opening ceremony, Professor Khodaei, the university president of the time, expressed hope for the faculty to someday develop into the University of Owramanat. This faculty was launched on the path of development in 2013 by offering two bachelor's programs of Financial Management and Business Management, and is still active as one of the faculties of Razi University, offering the three aforementioned programs. The current two-storey building of the faculty, which is 1200 square meters of space, was provided by the City Council and the Mayor of Javanroud and could be occupied by the faculty by the time the main buildings of the faculty are completely built on  a 7000-square-meter land – being developed in one of the best areas of the city - provided by the same organizations. The University Board of Directors has always been supportive of the fortification and development of Javanroud Faculty of Management and Accounting, and it is hoped that this faculty will achieve its high scientific and educational goals on the local and national scale.
Dean of Faculty: Dr. Nouroddin Yousofi
Associate Professor
Tel: +98 (83) 46233800,  09122389148 
Email: nyousofi[at] 
Shahoo Rahiminasab
Head of Education Affairs
Borhan Veismoradi
Head of financial affairs
Tel: +988346232155
Department of Business Management 
Department of Financial Management 
Department of Accounting  
Contact us
Address: Zanko St , Javanroud, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: +98(83) 346232155- 346232166
Email: info[at]