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Nahid Aghilinategh

Nahid Aghilinategh

Assistant Professor / مهندسي مكانيك ماشينهاي كشاورزي


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه تهران, مكانيك ماشينهاي كشاورزي
  • M.Sc: مهندسي كشاوررزي - مكانيك ماشينهاي كشاورزي


email: n.aghili [at]
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Nahid Aghili Nategh holds a B.S. and M.S. degree of Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural Machinery from Bu-Ali Sina University of Hamedan. She received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural Machinery from Tehran University in 2016. She officially began her collaboration with Razi University in 2017, where she is now an assistant professor in the department of Biosystem Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Agriculture (Sonqor).
Dr. Aghili Nategh has been teaching several courses to undergraduate students such as Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Unit operation, Fundamentals of Electric Engineering, Numerical calculations, Specialized English language, Computer programming, Principles of post-harvest engineering, Hydraulic and pneumatic principles. The course she usually teaches to graduate students is Advanced thermodynamics. Her research interests are E- nose, machine vision, and Post-Harvest
She has published single-authored as well as joint papers with her graduate students under her supervision in these areas in prestigious national and international scientific journals.