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Gholami Rashid

Gholami Rashid

Assistant Professor / مهندسي مكانيك ماشينهاي كشاورزي


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه بوعلي سينا, كشاورزي-مكانيك ماشينهاي كشاورزي
  • M.Sc: دانشگاه رازي, كشاورزي-مكانيك ماشينهاي كشاورزي

Research Interest

بسته بندی مواد غذایی و کشاورزی نانو بسته بندی بسته بندی های MAP افزایش عمر محصولات غذایی و کشاورزی بینی الکترونیک بررسی خواص محصولات کشاورزی و غذایی در طول دوره نگهداری


email: r.gholami [at]
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Rashid Gholami is a B.S. and M.S. graduate of Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery from Razi University of Kermanshah. While he was a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering of Biosystems at Bu-Ali Sina University, he spent his sabbatical leave in University of Milan, Italy. He received his PhD in 2018 and began his official collaboration with Razi University in 2020. He is now an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering of Biosystems at the Faculty of Agriculture (Sonqor).
Dr Gholami has been teaching several courses to students such as Materials Science, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Food Quality Control, Equipment and Facilities of Food Packaging, Engineering Properties of Biological Materials, Materials and Energy Balance, Food Technology and Engineering Management.
His research interest and focus is on post-harvest agricultural products, more specifically topics related to Food Packaging, Application of Nanotechnology and Modified Atmosphere in Food Packaging in Order to Prolong the Shelf Life of the Food Products,  Examining the Physical, Chemical, Mechanical, Rheological, etc. Properties of Agricultural and Food Products during the Storage Period, and Application of Computer vision Technology in the Diagnosis of the Quality of Food and Agricultural Products.
Dr Gholami was appointed as the representative of University- Industry Relationship sector of Faculty of Agriculture (Sonqor). He is pursuing cooperation with Agricultural Companies as well as establishing relationship between the Industry and the University.