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Shahab Ghazi Harsini

Shahab Ghazi Harsini

Associate Professor / Animal Science Engineering


  • Ph.D: رابرت گوردون, مهندسي كشاورزي-علوم دامي


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Shahab Ghazi Harsini holds a BSc and an MSc in Poultry Nutrition from University of Tehran. He received his PhD in the same field in 2000 from University of Aberdeen, UK. He began his official collaboration with Razi University in 1990 and is now an Associate Professor in the department of Animal Sciences at the faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
Dr Ghazi Harsini has taught several courses to undergraduate so far, including Poultry Management, Layer Hen, Broiler Breeder Management, Beekeeping, and Aquaculture Management. The courses he has also been teaching to graduate students include Advanced Poultry Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals in Poultry Nutrition, Lipids and Carbohydrates in Poultry Nutrition, and Bioenergetics in Poultry Nutrition. His main research interests are  Effects of Antinutrients in Poultry Nutrition, Enzyme Additives in Poultry Nutrition, and Effects of Vitamins and Minerals in Poultry Nutrition. His research papers (single-authored and co-authored by the graduate students under his supervision) have been published in prestigious national and international peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Dr Ghazi has also been the General Manager of Razi University Research Unit, the head of the department of Animal Sciences, the deputy manager of RU Research Unit, the dean of the faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and a member of the Board of Recruitment and Selection, all from 2000 to 2021.