Razi University and AL-Qasim Green University signed a memorandum of understanding

A memorandum of understanding on scientific, educational, research, and cultural collaboration was signed between Razi University and AL-Qasim Green University.
According to the report released by the public relations office at Razi University, the high-ranking delegation of AL-Qasim Green University comprised of Dr. Hassan Al-Awadi, the university president, Dr. Fazel Rasool Al-Khafaji, Vice President of Research, Dr. Jassim Al-Awadi, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, Dr. Mohammad Hadi, Director of Scholarship and Cultural Relations Department, and Dr. Ali Al-Qutabi, Coordinator of AL-Qasim Green University relations with Iranian universities.
In the joint meeting of the high-ranking board of Qasim Al-Khizra University with the president of Razi University and a group of other top rank managers, which was held on the September 26th, 2023 in the head office, potentials for scientific, research, and cultural cooperation were discussed.
In this meeting, Dr. Mohammad Nabi Ahmadi, Razi University's President, welcoming the guests and appreciating the presence of the high-ranking delegation of AL-Qasim Green University in Iran, said, "Iran and Iraq have always had deep cultural and religious ties throughout history." He also emphasized the unity of the two nations and added, "Enemies always seek to create division between the people of these two countries and we must be careful of arrogant divisive plots."
He further asserted that the two universities must strengthen their scientific, educational, and research links, "Exchange of students, professors, and researchers and joint establishment of specialized research journals can be the focus of collaboration between these two universities." Dr. Ahmadi expressed his hope that as a result of signing the MOU, the two universities can expand the areas of collaboration. In the end, the president of Razi University wished the guests good health, success, and a pleasant stay in Kermanshah.

In addition, Dr. Hassan Al-Awadi, President of AL-Qasim Green University, appreciated the hospitality of authorities at Razi University, and added, "It is a great blessing that we are at Razi University, the discipline and beauty of this university is a source of inspiration," and congratulated the honorable president of Razi University for the achievements and successes.

Referring to the unity, brotherhood, and commonalities between the two nations of Iran and Iraq, he added, "Iran stands firm against global arrogance. We have also seen conspiracies by arrogance in Iraq, which intend to divide the two countries. But they will not achieve their aims because with the blessing of Imam Hossein (AS), we are witnessing good relations between the two countries."
Pointing out that Iraq has a population of around 40 million, Dr. Al-Awadi sai, "There are about 500,000 students who go to universities for continuing their education. In 2012, a proposal was made to establish AL-Qasim Green University. This university is located 30 kilometers from Halle. Green in the university title connotes sustainable development, and according to the defined standards, all the facilities of this university should come from nature. The university has 8 faculties, two of which are newly established faculties of education and law."
Referring to the existence of a hundred public and open universities in Iraq, he reported, "Despite this large number, due to the laws and regulations related to the admission of each university, not all students can enter these universities. Thus, a large part of Iraqi students choose to continue their studies in different parts of the world."
Dr. Al-Awadi continued to emphasize the strengthening of joint scientific and educational collaboration with Razi University in the form of a memorandum of understanding and added, "We will do our best to return Razi University to the list of credible universities in Iraq and once again witness Iraqi students studying at this university." 
In the end, he thanks Razi University' president and other officials for hosting the delegation from AL-Qasim University and expressed his hope that signing the MOU will help further expand the collaborations between the two centers of higher education. 


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