Dear esteemed presidents of the universities across the United States

In a situation where the world is outraged by the aggression and crimes of the fake Israeli regime in the occupied territories and is trying to have its protesting voice heard by international bodies, hearing that hundreds of protesting faculty members and university students have been arrested and violently treated by the US police force has become a source of grave concern and regret.

Since October 7th, 2023, the criminal Zionist regime has butchered tens of thousands of innocent people, including thousands of defenseless children and women, in a series of coward attacks. Under these circumstances, the people across the world with a sense of conscience, especially elite faculty members and university students, cannot be indifferent to these barbaric acts of the Zionists and are unable to bear the cruelty of the fake Israeli regime.

It is surprising that you, as educated humans and scientists, are watching these heart lacerating scenes and remain silent. Today, the world is regarding you as notable elites and expects that you condemn the Zionists' crimes against the oppressed people of Gaza.

It is not appropriate that students and professors who are asking for justice be brutally harassed and arrested by the police forces simply because they are pursuing their freedom of speech and are trying to defend the oppressed, which are their obvious rights.

I am therefore writing to urge you to respect humanity and humanitarian movements by making attempts to release all university students and professors who have protested against the crimes of the Zionist regime and console them as educated human beings and defenders of human rights.


Mohammad Nabi Ahmadi

President of Razi University

Kermanshah, the Islamic Republic of Iran 

شناسه : 14062910