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The faculty of Literature and Human Sciences was established in 1988 where is now the faculty of Social Sciences. With its increasing number of departments and the development of the faculty and its independence from the faculty of Social Sciences in 2007, the faculty of Literature and Human Sciences was run in its current place on Taq-e Bostan campus. This faculty is presently active with the departments of Persian Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Theology and Islamic Studies, Geography, Law, and Islamic History, hosting an overall number of 2020 students who are studying at BA/BSc, MA/MSc, and PhD levels as follows:
BA/BSc: 1438 students
MA/MSc: 391students
PhD: 160 students

The Deans of the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences from the begging to present  
1- Dr Zolfaqari Alami Mehmandousti    1988-1991
2- Dr Ali Akbar Mohseni        1991-1993
3- Dr Vahid Sabziyanoour        1993-1996
4- Dr Shahriyar Hemmati        1996-1997
5- Dr Masoud Fekri        1997-1998
6- Dr Ali Salimi            1998-2001
7- Dr Ali Akbar Mohseni        2001-2003
8- Dr Amir Shirzad            2003-2005
9- Dr Masoud Akhavan Kazemi    2005-2007
10- Dr Vahid Sabziyanpour        2007-2016
11- Dr Mojtaba Biglari        2016-2021
12- Dr Yahya Ma'rouf        2021-present

Dean of Faculty: Dr. Yahya Marof
Tel: +98 (83) 34265027
Email: y.marof[at] 
Mohammad Ibrahim Malmir 
Vice Deputy for Research Affairs
Dr. Shahryar Hemati 
Vice Deputy for Education Affairs 
Department of Theology 
Department of English Language and Literature 
Department of Geography 
Department of Persian Language and Literature 
Department of Arabic Language and Literature 
Department of Islamic Studies 
Department of Law, History, and Archaeology 
Contact us
Address: Razi University , Baghe Abrisham, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: +98(83) 34277605- 6
Email: info[at]