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The goals of the Faculty of Innovative Sciences and Technologies, among many others, are:  

Launching graduate interdisciplinary programs with the aim of promoting applied interdisciplinary research
-    Preparing the necessary grounds for the implementation of applied research and new technologies
-    Developing structural models for launching the students' theses/dissertations on the path of applied research. 
-    Making most of new and creative ideas of elites in creating job opportunities
-    Using the potential of other fields studied at university for launching students' theses/dissertations on a more purposeful path.

Currently, the following programs are active in this faculty:
-    PhD in Microbiotechnology
-    Master's in Economics - E-Commerce
-    Master's in Information Technology – E-Commerce
-    Master's in Renewable Energies Engineering 
Dean of Faculty: Dr. Amir Rajabzadeh 
Associate Professor 
Tel: +98 (83) 34343410 
Email: rajabzadeh[at] 
Department of Information Technology (E-Commerce) 
Department of NanobiotechnologyNanotechnology 
Department of Nanobiotechnology  
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Address: Faculty of Innovative Sciences and Technologies, Razi University, Tagh Bostan, Kermanshah, Iran 
Tel: +98(83) 34343406- 34343410- 34343411- 34343412
Email: info[at]