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Department of Clinical Sciences  
Department of Clinical Sciences was established in 2010. The department balances its threefold missions of teaching, research, and service to the clients of the clinic with the collaboration of faculty members specializing in various fields of clinical sciences. We provide education in following clinical science courses: Principles of Animal Examination and Injection, Internal Disease of Large Animals, Internal Disease of Small Animals, Principles of Surgery and Anesthesia, General Surgery of Large Animals, General Surgery of Small Animals, Diseases of Motor Organs, Health and Breeding of Poultry, Health and Breeding of Livestock, Poultry Diseases, Poultry Nutrition, Midwifery and Reproductive Diseases of livestock , Principles of selection and artificial insemination of livestock, Clinical Pathology, Clinical Operation Courses and Internship in different sections of the department.   
Aside from research and educational goals, the department also enjoys its financial independence by serving the clients who need healthcare services at the clinic. 
Head of Department: Peyman Rahimi Fili
Tel: 98+ (83) 38320041
Email: drp.rahimi [at] 
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Mohammad Hashemnia Associate Professor Diagnostic Pathology, and Medicinal Plants
Ali Asghar Moghaddam Associate Professor Assisted Reproductive Techniques, Stem Cells, and Horse Reproduction
Yasser Shahbazi Associate Professor Smart and Active Food Packing, Food Contaminants, and Residues
Samad Alimohammadi Assistant Professor Neurophysiology, Neuroscience, Peptides, and Medicinal Plants
Hadi Cheraghi Assistant Professor Digestive System and Intestinal Barrier, Oxidative Stress, Chemotherapy, Biochemistry, and Clinical Hematology
Azadeh Foroughi Assistant Professor Molecular Microbiology, Diagnostic Microbiology, and Medicinal Plants
Ali Ghashghaii Assistant Professor Small Animals Surgery, Large Animals Surgery, Anesthesia and Lameness in Cow
Nader Goodarzi Assistant Professor Electron Microscope, Anatomy and Comparative Histology
Mojtaba Goli Assistant Professor Reproduction in Large Livestock
Fatemeh Hoseinpour Assistant Professor Endocrine Pharmacology, Oxidative Stress, and Medicinal Plants
Tayebeh Mohammadi Assistant Professor Comparative Histology, Tissue Engineering, Cell Biology, and Stem Cells
Zahra Minoosh Siyavash Haghighi Assistant Professor Pathology of Toxins
Mehrdad Pooyanmehr Assistant Professor Immunology, Biological Safety, and Medical Plants
Peyman Rahimi Assistant Professor Assisted Reproductive Techniques, Stem Cells, and Horse Reproduction
Mostafa Razmjoo Assistant Professor The Use of Medicinal Plants in the Treatment of Poultry Diseases, the Use of Silver Nanoparticles in Poultry, Bacteria Associated with Common Diseases of Humans and Poultry
Farid Rezaei Assistant Professor Biological Control of Parasites
Niloufar Seydi Assistant Professor Small Animals Surgery, Large Animals Surgery, and Anesthesia
Nassim Shavisi Assistant Professor Smart and Active Food Packaging
Major B.Sc.     M.Sc. DVM. DVSc.
Veterinary Laboratory Science  

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine    

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Address: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sheikh Tusi Blvd, Shohada Square, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: 98+ (83) 38320041