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Leila Zarei

Leila Zarei

Assistant Professor / Plant production engineering and genetics


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه رازي, مهندسي كشاورزي-اصلاح نباتات


email: lzarei1360 [at]
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Leila Zarei holds a B.S. and M.S in Plant Breeding from Razi University. She received her PhD in Plant Breeding from Razi University in 2012. She officially began her collaboration with Razi University in 2022, where she is now an assistant professor in the department of Plant Genetics and Production at the Faculty of Agriculture.
Dr. Zarei has been teaching several courses to B.S. students such as plant breeding, Experimental design in agricultural research, Bioinformatics, and Statistics and Probability.  The courses she has also taught to graduate students are Advanced experimental design, Genomics, Molecular plant breeding, Quantitative genetics, Statistical methods in agricultural sciences, and Biodiversity and management of genetic resources.
Her research interests are plant breeding to tolerate abiotic stresses, using molecular markers in plant breeding, genetic mappings and locating quantitative traits.

She has published single-authored as well as joint papers with her graduate students under her supervision in these areas in prestigious national and international scientific journals.