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Naser Maleki

Naser Maleki

Associate Professor / گروه زبان انگليسي


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه تربيت مدرس, زبان و ادبيات انگليسي


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Nasser Maleki has a BA degree in English from Panjab University-India. He received both his MA and PhD degrees in English Language and Literature from Agra University India, subsequently in: May 1986 and January 1991. His employment history began in August 1991 as full time professor at Teacher Training University Tehran; however, in the year 1997 he migrated to Kermanshah, and restarted his teaching carrier. He is currently an associate professor at Razi University Department of English Language and Literature, and at the verge of retirement.
During all these years, he has given lectures on different courses in language and literature such as: poetry, drama, fiction, oral reproduction of short story, literary criticism, simple & advance prose, history of English literature and, essay writing, in the undergraduate course. Additionally, the courses he usually teaches in postgraduate and PhD classes include Romantic poetry, literary criticism, postmodern literature, new trends in literary criticism, French and American comparative studies, inter-literary research (typological and genetic), cognitive poetics, and adaptations. In the field of research, his topics of interest are comparative studies, and different domains of literary criticism. His articles on criticism and comparative studies have extensively been published in scholarly journals worldwide.