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Mohamad javad Jamshidi

Mohamad javad Jamshidi

Assistant Professor / گروه معماري


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه هنر تهران, معماري

Research Interest

توسعه پایدار مناطق کلانشهری تحلیل فضایی شاخص های رشد هوشمند شهری طراحی و توسعه حمل و نقل گرا در مناطق کلانشهری تحلیل فضایی گردشگری شهری در کلانشهرها


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Mohammad Javad Jamshidi holds a B.S. and M.S. degree of urban engineering and urban and regional planning from the Faculty of Urban Planning, Fine Arts Campus at University of Tehran. He also received a PhD in urban planning from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of University of Art. Since 2010, he has continuously taught more than 35 courses in different universities at undergraduate and graduate levels in the fields of urban engineering, architectural engineering, urban planning and urban design. He has a book and several research articles on the application of urban geographic information systems and urban tourism. Among his most important research areas, the following can be mentioned: Sustainable urban development and smart growth of touristic cities, Analysis of urban governance from the perspective of political economy of space, Analysis of the effects of urban tourism on the spatial structure of cities, Advanced spatial statistical analysis of urban systems with ArcGIS and SPSS, Design and development of urban spatial databases, Advanced data mining of spatial and descriptive information of large-scale urban databases. Among his most important professional interests are as follows: Design and development of urban spatial databases, Design and development of multilingual websites on WordPress platform.