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Habib Jafari

Habib Jafari

Associate Professor / گروه آمار


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه آلمان, آمار رياضي

Research Interest

Regression General Linear Model Non-Linear Model Optimal Design


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Habib Jafari holds a BSc in Statistics from Shahid Beheshti University and an MSc in Mathematical Statistics from Shiraz University. He received his PhD in Statistical Mathematics-Optimal Design from Otto von Geurick (OvG) University in Germany in 2010. He officially started his collaboration with Razi University in January 2001. He is currently an Associate Professor in the department of Statistics of the Faculty of Science.
Throughout this period, he has been teaching different courses such as Statistics and Probability, Regression, Experimental Designs, Statistical Methods to the BSc students. He has also been teaching Statistical Inference and Optimal Design to graduate students. His research interests are Linear Models, Optimal Designs, and Bayesian Optimal Designs. He has published single-authored as well as joint papers with his graduate students under his supervision in these areas in prestigious national and international scientific journals.