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Isa Arji

Isa Arji

Associate Professor / Plant production engineering and genetics


  • Ph.D: دانشگاه تهران, مهندسي باغباني


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Isa Arji holds a BSc in Horticultural Sciences Engineering from University of Tehran and an MSc in Horticultural Sciences from Tarbiat Modarres University, where he also received his PhD in Horticultural Sciences-Pomology in 2003. He began his official collaboration with Kermanshah Natural Resources and Center of Agricultural Research and Education in the same year, and was transferred to Razi University in 2020. He is now an Associate Professor in the department of Plant Genetics and Production at the faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering.
He has taught several courses to undergraduate students so far, including Temperate Zone Fruits, Tropical and Semi-tropical Zone Fruits, Pomology Skills (1&2), Ornamental Plants (1&2), Floriculture Skills (1&2), Internship 1, Small Fruits, and Nut Fruits. The courses he has also been teaching to graduate students include Plant Nutrition and Metabolism, Stress Physiology in Horticultural Crops, and Plant Growth Regulators. His main research interests are Drought Stress Physiology in Horticultural Crops, Fruit Breeding, and Fruit Tree Physiology. His research papers (single-authored or co-authored by the graduate students under his supervision) have been published in prestigious national and international peer-reviewed scientific journals.