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First of all, it is necessary to note that daily and evening courses of Sociology at the undergraduate level, as well as two fields of Sociology and Cultural Studies at the graduate level (offering State funded as well as Tuition-paying  courses) are being offered in the Department of Sociology.  
The field of Sociology is one of the basic fields of Humanities. The academic history of Sociology in the world goes back to about 150 years ago and the history of the establishment of this field in Iran goes back to 60 years ago. Nowadays, Sociology in particular and Social Sciences in general are foundations of civil and cultural development as well as socio-cultural planning.  
Offering Sociology in Razi University (with a history of 50 years) is essential. The field of Sociology has theoretical or curricular overlaps with some neighboring fields such as political science, psychology, history and human geography. Sociology students are expected to have basic knowledge of Humanities and Social Sciences. The theoretical basis of this field is the mutual relations of people in the social-cultural context and its purpose is to expand and deepen the awareness of the students on this field. The development of this field can be an effective help to improve social life conditions and also reduce all kinds of social problems. Sociology students are expected to have the ability to conduct social research and present ideas regarding different social issues.
Head of Department: Nader Amiri 
Tel: 98+ (83) 38361370 
Email:  nader.amiri [at]
Full Name Degree Programs Email
Siavash Gholipoor Associate Professor Sociology
Jalil Karimi Associate Professor Sociology
Vakeel Ahmadi Assistant Professor Sociology
Nader Amiri Assistant Professor Sociology
Mohammad Ali Farhadi Assistant Professor Sociology
Homayoon Moradkhani Assistant Professor Sociology
Mohammad Taghi Sabzehei Assistant Professor Sociology
Major B.Sc.     M.Sc.     Ph.D.
Cultural Studies   



Address: Faculty of Social Science, Shahid Beheshti Blvd, Kermanshah, Iran
Tel: 98+ (83) 38361370